Just like our custom drums, the Risen Drum Cajón is anything but average. First, our Cajón is deeper and wider than standard, which adds comfort and presence, as well as more bottom end. Second, we do not use any snare wires in our Cajón. We specifically designed it this way because we believe that when striking the center of the instrument, it should be all boom. The design and attachment of the tapa gets you plenty of snap simply from striking the top edge. Finally, every Cajón is branded with the exclusive Risen Drums Cajón logo and stamped with it’s own production number, giving each it’s own unique story. Get your butt on one today!

  • Body: 6-ply birch
  • Tapa: 3-ply birch
  • Vent: The vent hole is accompanied by our unique sonic venting system to produce a smooth, consistent sound
  • Size: 13 3/4″ Wide, 14 1/4″ Deep, 18″ Tall
  • Finish: All natural birch (light) or birch with an outside ply of walnut for a darker feel
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Birch, Walnut