The Laker Series


The Laker series captures the tones that shaped music throughout the 50’s and early 60’s.  These shells are comprised of African Mahogany with a Poplar core which makes for an incredibly balanced sound.  The Mahogany gives a rich, smooth low end with the Poplar taming the ultra-low frequencies, allowing the Mahogany’s best qualities to shine. This is a much softer, quieter wood that will become more lively and fat as you dig in to the drums.

  • Vintage 45 handcut and sanded bearing edges. Roundover outside / 45 inside
  • 6 ply African Mahogany / Poplar with 10 ply North American Maple reinforcement rings
  • 3 choices of stain. Natural, Walnut, and Black.  Also available in wrap finish
  • 3mm triple flanged hoops
  • Patented light weight Risen aluminum lugs. Your choice of center mounted or standard
  • Remo heads
  • 3 configurations
    • 8×12, 16×16, 14×22
    • 9×13, 16×16, 14×22
    • 8×12, 14×14, 14×20