The Nicollet Series


The Nicollet series was created to balance the quality and features of a custom-made drum at a player’s pricepoint.  Featuring 8 ply North American maple shells, these drums offer a dynamic tuning range with vibrant tone and plenty of attack.  From country to pop, funk to rock, stage to studio, the Nicollet series will help you attain your signature sound.

  • Double 45 degree hand cut and sanded bearing edges
  • 8 ply North American Maple shells for added natural projection
  • 4 choices of rubbed satin stain – Natural, Honey, Walnut, and Black
  • 2.5mm triple flanged hoops
  • Patented lightweight aluminum Risen lugs. Your choice of center mounted or standard
  • Remo heads
  • 3 configurations
    • 8×12, 14×16, 16×22
    • 9×13, 16×16, 14×22
    • 8×12, 14×14, 14×20